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Diamond Series Ultra Plush Airline Approved Pet Carrier


Buyers often ask me about the differences between the tote models and here is what I say -

I design all of my totes with the primary emphasis on pet safety and comfort. All models include safety features like seatbelt attachments, a heavy resin mesh and locking clasps or self locking zippers. I use premium brand zippers and hardware on all models as well, as many know I have a pet peeve on zipper quality. All models also include faux fleece padding, and extra pads are available for purchase. What actually makes the difference in the model lines aside from the looks is the fabric itself. Keep in mind that all of my airline capable totes are frameless soft sided pet carriers, this is what allows for the pliability and ability to conform to various under seat configurations of modern aircraft and meet under seat requirements of all of the airline companies. The fabric itself combined with the zipper closures is what primarily gives a soft sided carrier its structure and strength, so a heavier fabric provides more structure than a lighter fabric.

Copper Series Tall Profile Tote - This model takes advantage of a heavy two tone nylon fabric which is easy to keep clean with a quick wipe down. It includes a faux fleece pad with a paperboard base and locking clasps, and comes in a 17.7” Medium as well as a Large 19” size. It is a bit taller of a model, with the large rising to 13” at its top peak.

Silver Series Tote - This model takes advantage of a lighter nylon fabric that gives it a boxy and spacious interior at a length of 17.5” It includes a dark faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. It also incorporates self locking zippers, a baggage strap and top load capability.

Diamond Series Tote - The Diamond platform is a very popular light nylon fabric which incorporates an extra-plush faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. Its a smaller footprint tote with a usable interior length of approximately 16”. This model uses locking clasps, a baggage strap and has top load capability.

Platinum Series Tote - The popular series is built off of the same platform as the Diamond, but with a much thicker and more padded composite exterior fabric. This results in less wrinkling of the fabric, and a much more rigid structure.

Gold Series Tote - This is the most popular line overall, it includes a heavier wrinkle free two tone composite fabric along with a tad bit more interior space than the Platinum Series. It also incorporates a top privacy cover which can be rolled back when not in use.

I am constantly updating and improving all of the tote series with each successive generation. I am never satisfied so I am always adding and improving features of each model with each production run. All of my totes are hand sewn to my specifications by contract factories. Mr. Peanut’s is a USA based, family run business located in Henderson, Nevada.

Michael @ Mr. Peanut’s

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET - I always recommend to measure your pet while comfortably laying down as this is the typical position during flight time. Keep in mind all of my airline approved totes are designed with pet safety and comfort as the priority, and then by airline under seat requirements, so sizing is limited by that criteria.

Mr. Peanut's Diamond Line Low Profile Airline Capable Luxury Travel Tote with Ultra Comfort Fleece Bedding Supported by a 1/4" Plywood Base

Don’t take a chance with bags that might be rejected when you get to the airport. Our 18” (L) X 10” (W) x 11” (H) easily fits under the seats of most modern airplanes. Whether you’re traveling Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, American, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, or Allegiant, etc, this airplane pet carrier will allow you to travel in cabin with your pet. And we’ve used claw-resistant material for the mesh and fitted the premium brand zippers with safety clasps to ensure your pet remains safe throughout your journey.


    • Premium Brand Zippers with Safety Clasps
    • Recommended for Pets Up to 14lbs
    • Airline Capable 18" Length x 10" Width x 11" Height, Best fits pets to approx 16" in length while comfortably laying down
    • Weighs only 2.7lbs
    • Top & End Loading
    • Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Top and all Sides 
    • Zippered Pocket for Storing Treats and Other Essentials 
    • Padded Shoulder Strap and Hand Carry Handle 
    • Removable Ultra Plush Fleece Pet Bed with 1/4" Plywood Base for extra support and security (Recommended Hand Wash or Dry Clean)
    • Washable Nylon Soft-Sided Pet Carrier 
    • Name Tag Holder
    • Included Leash Tether
    • Safety Seat Belt Attachments
    • 1 Collapsible Silicone Bowl included when purchased from Mr. Peanut's

Product Details

Mr. Peanut's Premium Low Profile Airline Capable Luxury Travel Tote with Ultra Comfort Fleece Bedding

Product Details

Mr. Peanut's Premium Low Profile Airline Capable Luxury Travel Tote with Ultra Comfort Fleece Bedding

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