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Gold Series Expandable Airline Approved Tote - Low Profile, Soft Sided Premium Pet Carrier


  • Premium Brand Auto Self Locking Zippers for Safety and Eliminating the need for fragile clasps as the tote cannot be pushed open by your pet from the inside
  • Faux Fleece Padding with Plywood Base Insert for Additional Support & Weight Handling
  • Airline Capable 18" Length x 10.5" Width x 11" Height, best fit for pets approximately 16" in length while laying down
  • Recommended for Pets Up to 15lbs
  • Weighs only 2.8lbs
  • Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Top and all Sides 
  • Fabric Roll Away Privacy Cover with Top Loading
  • Luggage Strap
  • Zippered Mesh Pocket for Storing Treats, Meds, Papers
  • Padded Shoulder Strap with Thick Metal Connectors for Additional Safety, Hand Carry Handle 
  • Wipe Down Composite Nylon Soft-Sided Pet Carrier 
  • Name Tag Holder
  • Leash Tether
  • Safety Seat Belt Attachments
  • Mr. Peanut's Cool Logo Storage Pouch Included
  • Bonus 1 Collapsible Silicone Bowl included FREE when purchased from Mr. Peanut's Direct Sales
  • Bonus Right Hand Grooming Glove included FREE when purchased from Mr. Peanut's Direct Sales

Many ask what is the difference between the models, and especially between the most popular Gold and Platinum Series. I do have a FAQ page which has some more specifics on all the models, but the primary difference between these two series is that the Gold Series models all use a strengthened nylon fabric that allows for maximum pliability while still retaining its structure, whereas the Platinum Series models use a heavier, more rigid nylon that emphasizes the structure, and gives up some of the pliability. Both series are quite popular as airline capable models, but the Gold pliability allows it to easily conform to under seat spacing on the widest variety of modern aircraft.

Don’t take a chance with bags that might be rejected when you get to the airport. Our original 18” (L) X 10.5” (W) x 11” (H) tote easily fits under the seats of most modern aircraft. Whether you’re traveling Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, American, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, or Allegiantetc,  this airline approved pet carrier will allow you to travel in cabin with your pet. And we’ve used claw-resistant material for the mesh and updated the premium brand zippers with an auto self locking feature to ensure your pet remains safe throughout your journey and eliminating the need for clasps that often break over time and are easy to forget to clasp. No more wondering and worrying over it!

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET - I always recommend to measure your pet while comfortably laying down as this is the typical position during flight time. Keep in mind all of my airline approved totes are designed with pet safety and comfort as the priority, and then by airline under seat requirements, so sizing is limited by that criteria.


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