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Interactive Track Ball Cat Toy

Mr. Peanut's


Cat & Kittens Toy with Interactive Intelligence Track Ball Tower, New Version with Safety Bar, Provides Hours of Mental Stimulation and Physical Play

  • STRESS and ANXIETY RELIEF - Playing with your cat and interacting with them frequently, you can help to lower any high-stress levels they may be experiencing also great for keeping your kitty occupied and their stress levels down
  • BUILDING CONFIDENCE - To arouse curiosity and encourage physical play can help bring out your cat’s brighter and more confident self
  • HUMAN and CAT BONDING - Playtime is a good method for that. Having regular playtimes with your cat will make your furry family understand that you love and care for them
  • EXERCISE and WEIGHT MONITORING - Overweight cats are more vulnerable to serious diseases and even fatal conditions
  • QUALITY AND TESTING - We use our products with our own pets, and we test and improve our products constantly to provide you the absolute best quality and value. Even our no-frills packaging is designed to ensure your product is delivered as expected and to pass on the savings

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