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Buyers often ask me about the differences between the tote models and here is what I say -

I design all of my totes with the primary emphasis on pet safety and comfort. All models include safety features like seatbelt attachments, a heavy resin mesh and locking clasps or self locking zippers. I use premium brand zippers and hardware on all models as well, as many know I have a pet peeve on zipper quality. All models also include faux fleece padding, and extra pads are available for purchase. What actually makes the difference in the model lines aside from the looks is the fabric itself. Keep in mind that all of my airline capable totes are frameless soft sided pet carriers, this is what allows for the pliability and ability to conform to various under seat configurations of modern aircraft and meet under seat requirements of all of the airline companies. The fabric itself combined with the zipper closures is what primarily gives a soft sided carrier its structure and strength, so a heavier fabric provides more structure than a lighter fabric.

Copper Series Tall Profile Tote - This model takes advantage of a heavy two tone nylon fabric which is easy to keep clean with a quick wipe down. It includes a faux fleece pad with a paperboard base and locking clasps, and comes in a 17.7” Medium as well as a Large 19” size. It is a bit taller of a model, with the large rising to 13” at its top peak.

Silver Series Tote - This model takes advantage of a lighter nylon fabric that gives it a boxy and spacious interior at a length of 17.5” It includes a dark faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. It also incorporates self locking zippers and top load capability.

Diamond Series Tote - The Diamond platform is a very popular light nylon fabric which incorporates an extra-plush faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. Its a smaller footprint tote with a usable interior length of approximately 16”. This model uses locking clasps and has top load capability.

Platinum Series Tote - The popular series is built off of the same platform as the Diamond, but with a much thicker and more padded composite exterior fabric. This results in less wrinkling of the fabric, and a much more rigid structure.

Gold Series Tote - This is the most popular line overall, it includes a heavier wrinkle free two tone composite fabric along with a tad bit more interior space than the Platinum Series. It also incorporates a top privacy cover which can be rolled back when not in use.

I am constantly updating and improving all of the tote series with each successive generation. I am never satisfied so I am always adding and improving features of each model with each production run. All of my totes are hand sewn to my specifications by contract factories. Mr. Peanut’s is a USA based, family run business located in Henderson, Nevada.


Michael @ Mr. Peanut’s


Are Your Carriers Compliant with XXXXXX Airlines?

I design all of my airline capable tote models in consultation with representatives of the major airlines. Whether you’re traveling Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, American, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, Allegiant, etc, my carrier models will allow you to travel in cabin with your favorite friend. Users often ask about "TSA", "IATA" and "FAA" registered and the fact is that there are only guidelines for animals carried in the cargo holds of airliners, but these do NOT apply to in passenger cabin pet carriers. Always keep in mind each airline sets their own specific requirements, and they can even vary from their domestic, international and shuttle routes. All airlines have very similar sizing guidelines, and all will require your pet to be comfortable in the carrier, well ventilated and to remain under the seat in front of you during flight.

The benefits and popularity of frameless soft sided pet carriers is their pliability and ability to conform to varying seat configurations of modern aircraft. All airlines actually have similar sizing requirements, and those are more stringently applied to the older hard shell pet carriers. All airlines will require your pet to stow under the seat in front of you, and virtually all aircraft set their seats at 8.5". I make all of my models easily pliable to be able to accommodate your pet with maximum space but yet conform to fit under the 8.5" seat. Keep in mind, airline capable carriers are designed for your pet to be laying down, as most pets will need to do so to allow for fitting under the seat.
I work with representatives of the major airline carriers in the design of my totes, including and at this point my various totes have been used on virtually every airline around the world. While all airlines can vary a bit due to differing aircraft models, all have the same requirements of under forward seat compatibility. Configurations can vary between regional, national and international routes as differing aircraft are used, but the ability to conform to various seat configurations is what sets the soft sided carrier apart from other types of framed carriers.

In short, all of my airline capable carriers you see on the site are regularly used on domestic and international airlines frequently, all are compliant with under seat requirements, but the reality is that there can always be an aircraft or route of a particular nature that uses a small aircraft without under seat clearance, but I have rarely come across that with reviews and feedback from literally thousands of users over many years.