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Are Your Carriers Compliant with XXXXXX Airlines?

I design all of my airline capable tote models in consultation with representatives of the major airlines. Whether you’re traveling Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, American, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, Allegiant, etc, my carrier models will allow you to travel in cabin with your favorite friend. Users often ask about "TSA", "IATA" and "FAA" registered and the fact is that there are only guidelines for animals carried in the cargo holds of airliners, but these do NOT apply to in passenger cabin pet carriers. Always keep in mind each airline sets their own specific requirements, and they can even vary from their domestic, international and shuttle routes. All airlines have very similar sizing guidelines, and all will require your pet to be comfortable in the carrier, well ventilated and to remain under the seat in front of you during flight. The popularity of soft sided carriers stems from their adjustability to fit under the various seat configurations of modern aircraft, and I have designed all of my tote designs to have a pliable structure so that it can easily stow under the 8.5" seat in front of you.