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Rhodium Series Soft Sided Pet Carrier - Premium Large Size Tote with Self Locking Zippers and Faux Fleece Pad over Plywood Base

Mr. Peanut's


Large Size Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Recommended for Daily In Town Use
Not Recommended for Airline Use

The Rhodium Series Soft Sided Pet Carrier by Mr. Peanut's, 19LX11WX11"H Luxury In Town Travel Tote with Premium Self Locking Zippers & Plush Faux Fleece Bedding with a Sturdy Plywood Base

What's the Difference?
I enjoy when buyers ask me this question. Having designed and sold multi thousands of pet carriers and hearing every issue and concern I can answer this here as best I can. I know it's hard when shopping online. All of the pet carriers you see look similar and its hard to compare materials, features and the "look and feel" as one can easily do in person, but here is my summary of what to look for in a pet carrier and what is most important to know or ask, so look for these key features in all brands and compare -
  1. Zippers - These are one of my pet peeves as the zipper quality can turn a fantastic carrier into a loser very fast. When the zipper breaks at the airport or even in your car your carrier of choice becomes basically worthless. Make sure the brand you are looking at includes hi quality zippers from a reputable zipper brand. My totes are all designed with only premium brand zippers, and I improve and upgrade them often as new and better versions come along including the automatic self locking zippers which cannot be opened from inside that are used on this tote. It's much better than the old style clasps.
  2. Carrier Structure - Soft Sided Pet Carriers by definition are frameless and are mostly only supported by thin steel wire running along the edges and sides of the tote. Keep in mind when you look over images in a listing on any product those will be taken to show off the product in the best possible way, and are often edited to improve the look of the product image. It is very hard to see differences in materials and structure in a product image, but all of my totes are designed with a very strong waterproof nylon material that is also used in the manufacture of military grade parachutes. The materials used help to avoid the sagging, wrinkled look and give the totes additional structure.
  3. Pet Safety & Comfort - Lastly, but the most important feature. The pet tote you choose should have locking zippers and very strong mesh. They should have a leash tether to insure your pet can be secured while stressed during travels. They should have well designed and secure carrying straps. They should have a comfortable bedding pad. All of Mr. Peanut's tote designs include all of these and more. I also add a thick and plush faux fleece pad with a 1/4" plywood base for your pet's comfort and to give a strong, stable base to keep the tote from "sinking" under the weight of your pet.
I am constantly updating and improving all of the various tote series with each successive generation. I am never satisfied so I am always improving features of each model with each production run. All of my totes are hand sewn to my specifications by contracted factories. Mr. Peanut’s is a USA based, family run business located in Henderson, Nevada and a proud sponsor of the Pay a Shelter Pet Forward program.
Michael @ Mr. Peanut’s
Many Copy the Design, None Copy the Quality

This 19X11X11" tote includes a very sturdy wire frame structure to eliminate that sinking fabric look found on other tote models with a less structured frame. This wire frame insures the tote is fully expanded with plenty of space for your properly sized pet. While I do not recommend it for airline use due to the less pliable structure it was designed for every day around town and vet use and is well suited as a premium full featured tote.

Mr. Peanut's Rhodium Series Pet Carrier Features:

    • Premium Brand Automatic Self Locking Zippers (Cannot be Opened from Inside)
    • Recommended for Pets Up to 16-18lbs
    • Wire Framed 19" Length x 11" Width x 11" Height, best fit for pets approximately 18" in length while laying down.
    • Weighs only 2.7lbs
    • Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Three Sides 
    • Fabric Privacy Cover with Zippered Pulley
    • Zippered Pocket for Storing Treats, Papers, Meds and Other Essentials 
    • Padded Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap and Hand Carry Handle 
    • Removable Faux Fleece Pet Bed with 1/4" Plywood Base Insert for Additional Support (Recommended Hand Wash or Dry Clean)
    • Washable Composite Nylon Soft-Sided Pet Carrier 
    • Name Tag Holder
    • Luggage Strap
    • End as Well as Top Loading for Easy Pet Entry and Exit
    • Included Leash Tether
    • Safety Seat Belt Attachment
    • Thick Metal Strap Connectors for Extra Safety
    • Mr. Peanut's Cool Logo Storage Pouch Included
    • 1 Collapsible Silicone Bowl included FREE when purchased from Mr. Peanut's Direct Sales


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