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Copper Series Tall Profile Airline Approved Soft Sided Tote


Buyers often ask me about the differences between the tote models and here is what I say -

I design all of my totes with the primary emphasis on pet safety and comfort. All models include safety features like seatbelt attachments, a heavy resin mesh and locking clasps or self locking zippers. I use premium brand zippers and hardware on all models as well, as many know I have a pet peeve on zipper quality. All models also include faux fleece padding, and extra pads are available for purchase. What actually makes the difference in the model lines aside from the looks is the fabric itself. Keep in mind that all of my airline capable totes are frameless soft sided pet carriers, this is what allows for the pliability and ability to conform to various under seat configurations of modern aircraft and meet under seat requirements of all of the airline companies. The fabric itself combined with the zipper closures is what primarily gives a soft sided carrier its structure and strength, so a heavier fabric provides more structure than a lighter fabric.

Copper Series Tall Profile Tote - This model takes advantage of a heavy two tone nylon fabric which is easy to keep clean with a quick wipe down. It includes a faux fleece pad with a paperboard base and locking clasps, and comes in a 17.7” Medium as well as a Large 19” size. It is a bit taller of a model, with the large rising to 13” at its top peak.

Silver Series Tote - This model takes advantage of a lighter nylon fabric that gives it a boxy and spacious interior at a length of 17.5” It includes a dark faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. It also incorporates self locking zippers and top load capability.

Diamond Series Tote - The Diamond platform is a very popular light nylon fabric which incorporates an extra-plush faux fleece pad with a plywood base for extra strength. Its a smaller footprint tote with a usable interior length of approximately 16”. This model uses locking clasps and has top load capability.

Platinum Series Tote - The popular series is built off of the same platform as the Diamond, but with a much thicker and more padded composite exterior fabric. This results in less wrinkling of the fabric, and a much more rigid structure.

Gold Series Tote - This is the most popular line overall, it includes a heavier wrinkle free two tone composite fabric along with a tad bit more interior space than the Platinum Series. It also incorporates a top privacy cover which can be rolled back when not in use.

I am constantly updating and improving all of the tote series with each successive generation. I am never satisfied so I am always adding and improving features of each model with each production run. All of my totes are hand sewn to my specifications by contract factories. Mr. Peanut’s is a USA based, family run business located in Henderson, Nevada.

Michael @ Mr. Peanut’s

Airline Approved Soft Sided Travel Pet Carrier with Fleece Bedding

This model is the tallest one can use and still accommodate under seat requirements. It is from 11-13" in height, but still pliable just enough to scrunch and fit under the 8.5" airline seat of most modern aircraft. It designed with high quality materials like YKK brand zippers and safety clasps to keep your pet calm, safe and secure. This carrier is light to carry but yet firm and durable to protect your precious pet. The 2 Tone non-stain 900D Nylon fabric is very easy to keep clean, and is so water resistant and durable it is also used in the production of military parachutes.

• Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Top and all Sides
• Multiple Pockets for Storing treats and other essentials
• Padded Shoulder Strap and Hand Carry Handle
• Removable Fleece Pet Bed (Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only)
• Comfortable and Safe Seat Buckle
• Washable Soft-sided Pet Carrier
• Lost & Found Tag Holder
• Leash Tether
• Lockable YKK Brand Heavy Duty Zippers
• Large Size 19" L x 10" W x 13" H
• Medium Size 17.7" L x 9.5" W x 11" H

Please keep in mind while considering a soft sided pet carrier that while the Oxford 900D Fabric is quite strong and durable, if your pet is one who chews or claws they may be able to destroy the window mesh inherent in a soft sided carrier if left unattended.

  • PLEASE NOTE INTERIOR SIZING & PET MEASURING GUIDELINES BEFORE PURCHASE - Two available sizes fits pets up to 16"Lx10"H and up to 14lbs. Airline capable carriers are designed for pets lying down, so your pet may not be able to stand. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we show the exterior dimensions as well as approximate interior dimensions to best portray the usable interior space for your pet. The interior space will be less than exterior due to the fabric thickness and plush faux fleece padding
  • AIRLINE APPROVED PET CARRIER  - Please consider your pets sizing needs. This is the largest size a tote can be and still be considered airline capable. For Pets up to 14 lbs * Designed with a Ventilated Roof which is pliable to 8.5" to meet airline requirements of under forward seat compatibility. Seat Belt Compliant
  • AIRLINE REQUIREMENTS - Always keep in mind each airline sets their own specific regulations, and they can even vary from their domestic, intl, and shuttle services so it is always advised to check with your airline of choice. All will require your pet to be comfortable in the carrier, and to remain under the seat in front of you. All prefer a soft sided carrier for its collapsability and we have designed our carrier to comply with all major airline configurations
  • OXFORD 2 TONE FABRIC * Easily Wipe Down Washable and it comes with an interior fleece bedding pad (Hand Wash or Dry Clean Recommended)
  • STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT * Designed with Breathable Mesh for Proper Ventilation * Removable Fleece Travel Bed * Padded Shoulder Strap * ID Tag * Storage Compartments for Treats or Meds 
  • PAY A SHELTER PET FORWARD * We donate a percentage of gross profits to animal welfare organizations, animal shelters and rescues of all kinds and in all areas.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Simply return the product for a no questions asked refund if not satisfied.
  • QUALITY AND TESTING - We use our products with our own pets, and we test and improve our products constantly to provide you the absolute best quality at the most excellent every day price possible.

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The Largest Airline Capable Model on the Market

13" Height Model, Two-Tone Luxury Travel Tote with Fleece Bedding, Under Seat Compatibility, Perfect for Cats and Small Dogs

The Largest Airline Capable Model on the Market

13" Height Model, Two-Tone Luxury Travel Tote with Fleece Bedding, Under Seat Compatibility, Perfect for Cats and Small Dogs

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